Apokalipsis … 2020
These are the first days of March and I am in Lombardy, Italy, in the middle of the red zone. I am locked in the house, I have to avoid contact with people to prevent the spread of the infection, we have no more places in hospitals and we risk having to choose who to treat if there are too many patients. I started this project the day before the epidemic ordinance, I had decided to interpret the latest catastrophes and the future of humanity but it got stuck in a strangely perfect and disturbing way. Now I’m taking care of it within the solitary walls, planning the printing and the next shots.
The world is reaching the point of no return, we are almost collapsing, the crown virus is quickly bringing people ‘s psychophysical health and the world economy to its knees … in the meantime Antarctica melts, permafrost comes out into the open, thousands of tons of methane ready to go out, the animals starve, are killed or die of pollution. Australia is burnt … The Amazon is burnt. Right now I do what I know how to do, photographer, I interpret the visible and the invisible.